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Event #59: Baker leads the pack of 10 remaining players

David "Bakes" Baker in Event #17

David “Bakes” Baker

Only ten players made it to Day 3 at Event #59: $2,500 Limit 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball, but most of them are world famous poker pros. David Baker is the leader of the pack with a stack of 45,8000 chips, 200,000 more than Chiu Pack with the blinds standing at 5,000/10,000.

One more player needs to fall before the final table will be decided and Eli Elezra is the most likely candidate for elimination. He has just 11 big blinds left and will have a hard time staying alive tomorrow when the games resume at 2PM. Also struggling at the bottom of the chips count is Mike Watson whose 12 big blinds will compel him to shift into a more aggressive gear.

A Limit 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball specialist and an all-round poker player, Daniel Negreanu doesn’t fare too well chip-wise but Event 59 appears to be his best chance of winning a bracelet at this WSOP. Daniel survived a couple of scary all-ins early in the day, but will return tomorrow with 134,000 chips and is quite confident in his chances to make the final table:

Among those who were sent to the rail earlier today are Daniel Idema, Scott Clements, Jason Mercier, Shane Schleger and Gavin Smith. The bubble boy was Timothy Finne who failed to cling to his short stack and went bust just a couple of hands before the break. Juijen Chang started the day as chip leader but that didn’t help him when he shoved all his chips and was eliminated in the 13th place.

Michael Mizrachi had the most chips for a while but he lost a major pot against David Chiu who leapfrogged three positions on that occasion. The two of them are separated by only 40,000 chips and given the size of the blinds, this is not a gap to intimidate The Grinder.

Check out the remaining 10 players and their stacks ahead of Day 3:

  1. David Baker – 458,000
  2. David Chiu – 263,000
  3. Scott Seiver – 249,000
  4. Michael Mizrachi – 225,000
  5. Alexander Condon – 215,000
  6. Eric Wasserson – 202,000
  7. Brian Brubaker – 152,000
  8. Daniel Negreanu – 134,000
  9. Mike Watson – 120,000
  10. Eli Elezra – 116,000

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