BankRoll Management

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The Bankroll Management Tool is for poker players who want to add a bit more structure into their play. Calulations are advised and supported by many of the major poker stratgy texts.

It is suited for players of all levels and is based on a number of factors including:

  • Your playing ability.
  • If your bankroll is recreational money or used for your living.
  • Table stakes and expected level of ability at these tables.
  • The knowledge that you are unlikely to win all of your profit to ‘jump to next level’ at a single table.
  • Suggested starting stack for each table level (blind levels).

Cashing Out Option:

  1. The Bankroll Management Tool also has a ‘If you wish to cash out option’, which allows you to see how much you are advised to cash out if you still want to grow your poker bankroll and playing level.
  2. The tool recommends the cash out value regardless of whether you win your respective 5 games or not. This way you can track if you are playing well enough to turn a consistent profit.

SNG’s and Tournaments:

  1.  The tool will display the min-cash, and how many times you need to cash to allow you to jump up a playing level.

The tool does not help you keep track of the money that you are spending or taking in at the tables, therefore it is advised that you either play at an online provider which gives you sufficient stats or you track your profit/loss for each game you play.

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