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“Barcode” Scoops $445k At The High Stakes Tables

“Barcode” Scoops $445k At The High Stakes Tables

The last couple of days at the high stakes tables at both PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker has been full of the usual high octane drama that you would expect, with most of the usual suspects making appearances.

At PokerStars we saw a lot of Ilari “Ilari FIN” Sahamies, “barcode”, patpatman”, “Sauce123” and “0Human0”, whilst over at Full Tilt we had Gus Hansen trying to win back so big losses that he has accrued in the last month.

“barcode” was in fact the most successful of them all as he turned in a profit of $445.4k, whilst Gus Hansen did manage to recoup some of his losses as he banked $227k to put an end to his massive recent downswing.

Ilari Drops $430k!

Ilaris rollercoaster ride through 2012 continued as he wiped off the profit he made at the end of last week, when his $226k win was completely engulfed in the $430k he has lost since then. He lost most of that money when he was up against his oldest foe “barcode”, with these two having experienced plenty of battles throughout the years.

That battle also provided some big pots, with the biggest of them going in the favour of “barcode” as both players held the flush with him just having the better one. That pot gave him $200.5k, whilst he also took another to the tune of $176.1k when both players had two pair, yet his one was again the better.

Ilari also lost another huge pot of $273.3k with it this time being up against “patpatman” when his opponent actually flopped a set and saw it survive right to the end.

Hansen Makes A Profit!

It has been well documented that Hansen has lost more than a couple of million since the Full Tilt site re-opened for business. However during the past couple of days he has actually managed to put a stop to his downturn, making a profit of $227k.

Whether or not this brief upswing is going to last, Hansen will not stop trying it seems. We all know that even the best poker players in the world cannot win ALL of the time. A player will experience downturns just as much as they will experience upswings. It is worth noting that Gus Hansen was actually on a major upswing to the tune of nearly $6 million before Full Tilt poker was initially shut down, everything he touched turned to gold, whilst this time it seems the opposite.


The Biggest Winners!

Barcode – (+$445.4k)

Gus Hansen – (+$227k)

SallyWoo – (+$206.7k)

Noobmare – (+$80.9k)



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