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“Barcode” Wins Big Whilst “Ilari FIN” Drops Loads

“Barcode” Wins Big Whilst “Ilari FIN” Drops Loads

When you want to see high octane poker action, you will already know that the high stakes tables on PokerStars are the place to go. Yesterday was certainly no different as we saw plenty of high quality action with “barcode” topping the day’s profit boards after taking home $387k.

At the other end of the money scale we saw “Ilari FIN” having a reversal of the success he had not so long ago by dropping a massive $900k yesterday. This means that after such an excellent run and pulling himself out of $1.5 million losses throughout the year and even turning it into a profit of $1.1 million. However, a couple of days later he is back in the red to the tune of $25k for the year. It is still a vast improvement though.

His day started out badly as he lost around $84k at the fixed limit Omaha tables before he had even dared to hit the nosebleed $200/$400 stakes pot limit Omaha tables. Once there he ran into old foe “barcode”, with these two having a long history of massive battles. Yesterday really was no different as the pots between the two reached high levels, though not quite as big as the $200k we have grown used to.

It turned out to be a bad day for Ilari on this occasion as he lot’s a number of big pots against his foe, with one of them seeing him flop the nuts only for “barcode” to hit the nut flush on the turn and win the pot of $317.7k.

Another pot between the two saw Ilari yet again flopping the nuts with “barcode” getting lucky this time on the river for a pot of $255.4k. In yet another big pot we saw Ilari manage to flop the nuts on a third occasion just to see “barcode” get obscenely lucky as he rivered a sick gutshot for $239.4k.

Even once those two had finished their little session, “Ilari FIN” continued to have a rough day as he lost even more money on the $200/$400. He ran into a player who has hit some much needed form of late, “patpatman”. His opponent ended up as the day’s second largest winner with profits of $247.3k with a large percentage of that coming from Ilari.

In one hand between the two Ilari was yet again beaten on the river after flopping the best hand and lost a pot of $218k.

Odd_Oddsen” had a good day at the tables yesterday too after taking home a profit of $150.5k for his day’s work, which would have been welcome after a slight barren run in recent weeks.

The Day’s Biggest Winners:

Barcode +$386.8k

patpatman +$247.3k

Odd_Oddsen +$150.5k

leshkaGmBIZ +$92k





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