Barer cruises to Aussie Millions Main Event Victory

Ami Barer

The last 7 players who outshined 661 opponents returned Sunday after one day off, to compete for the big prize of AU$1,600,000 of the Aussie Millions Main Event. The Australians lost any hope of having a local win the Aussie Millions Main Event, after Andrew Phaedonos was eliminated in the 6th. Ami Barer and Sorel Mizzi made sure that the heads-up will be an all-Canadian affair and for one and a half hours, they battled it through.

Barer had a significant advantage over his opponent when this final stage of the competition began, by holding 75% of the chips in play. Mizzi dodged one bullet after another, but in the end he had to take a leap of faith with Q-8 of diamonds, only to run into pocket aces. Barer hit the trips on the river, while Sorel completely missed his flush, which left him with more than a decent paycheque of AU$1 million. A few days ago he was wondering whether he will improve his record at the Aussie Millions or not and 2014 proved to be the best year yet:

A quick glance at the starting stacks for the final table will reveal the fact that most players finished the day on the same positions they started it. Scott Seiver was the shortest stack and he couldn’t avoid an untimely elimination, while Phaedonos who had 250k more chips than he did, followed him to the rail. Somewhat surprising was the exit of Vincent Rubianes in 5th, given the fact that he had the second largest stack. Jake Balsiger was a bit unlucky to miss the heads-up when his pocket Kings were crushed by a runner-runner straight, but Jake remains positive and sees the glass half-full.


These are the Aussie Millions Main Event final table results:
1. Ami Barer – AU$1,600,000
2. Sorel Mizzi – AU$1,000,000
3. Jake Balsiger – AU$650,000
4. Darren Rabinowitz – AU$450,000
5. Vincent Rubianes – AU$335,000
6. Andrew Phaedonos – AU$250,000
7. Scott Seiver – AU$170,000