Barny Boatman tastes WSOP glory

Barny Boatman Wins Event #49

In the highly competitive world of live poker, many professionals go through lengthy winless streaks and only the best of them weather the storm. Barny Boatman has a reputation among poker players as a perseverant type of person who is unlikely to lose his temper or succumb to despair regardless of circumstances. Respected by the entire community he has struggled recently to return to his winning ways and among his main objectives was to earn his first WSOP bracelet.

This year at the Rio, Barny finally did it and won $546,080 besides the coveted bracelet and it looked like the entire poker community exulted. It was more or less a matter of time before Boatman would win a bracelet given the fact that he had 25 money finishes and an uncanny ability of reaching the final stages of competitions. He was the first British to win a bracelet at this edition of the World Series of Poker so his countrymen were thrilled and congratulated him for this performance.

Unlike other poker players who usually keep a low profile and on those rare occasions when they step into the spotlight, they do it for all the wrong reasons, Barny is a highly sociable person. He never passes up an invitation to have a cup of tea or a beer with fellow poker players and somehow he stays optimistic even when nothing goes his way. For a player who came painfully close to major performances so many times, only to see them slipping through his fingers, his composure is remarkable.

Another thing worth mentioning about Barny is that although he is a true poker professional who tries to win every single time he sits at a poker table, he knows that this is essentially a game of skill and luck. Not only does he play his a-game during downswings and doesn’t go on tilt, but he understands when some of his peers lose their temper and react inappropriately after a bad beat.

The best example is the manner in which he dealt with MacPhee after the poker pro expressed his frustration in Sanremo following his elimination at the hands of Barny. His tweets were hardly elegant and eventually the poker professional realised that he crossed the line and apologised to Boatman, whose reply gave measure of his character. Barny acknowledged his opponent’s skill and comforted him for the loss, while inviting him to have a beer together.

That tournament was an important milestone for Boatman’s recent career as he made several final tables from that point onwards and won substantial amounts. The WSOP bracelet is only the icing on the cake, and given the lengthy period of time he waited for this prestigious trophy, a fully deserved reward we think.

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