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Barton Won’t Give Up On Federal Online Poker Legislation

legislation wordIt may seem that he is fighting alone to win what many claim to be a losing battle but Joe Barton is not going to give it up easily. He took part in another media call this morning in order to bring much needed attention to his federal online poker bill.

The first revelation that came from this call was that Barton admitted that there has been no conversation between him and either Harry Reid (Senate Majority Leader) or Senator Dean Heller since back in 2012.

Though there has been a lack of communication between them, Barton does concede that this bill hinges on just how serious that pair are in making a third push at legalising online poker on a federal level. Barton feels that Reid needs to find a way past some of the roadblocks that were encountered on both the previous occasions if this bill is to be a success.

Barton was asked on many occasions about what effects this bill would have on both state and tribal rights, in which he was adamant that it could actually help to promote them. He also believes his bill would be very easy on any state rights and would not be too much trouble to enforce.

Many along the way have stated that the longer this takes and the more states that go down their own route of legalising online poker, there will be an even smaller chance of it becoming federal. They believe that the federal government will be quite happy to let each and every state make their own mind up rather than pushing through the bill themselves.

Barton begs to differ and believes it will actually become easier to pass the bill at a federal level if more and more states legalise online poker.

It certainly seems that this could play out for quite some time to come but Barton insists he is not giving up and will not stop until online poker is legalised. He strongly supports the theory that poker is a game of skill rather than luck and claims that if he plays against somebody who is a worse player than him, he will most likely win yet will lose in most cases against a better player.

We poker players already know that, but it is convincing those on the outside of the game that is the problem right now.

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