Batman’s “Runner Runner” Movie Delayed A Week (vid)

ben affleck

It was only yesterday that it was revealed that Oscar winning Director Ben Affleck will be playing Batman in the upcoming Superman vs. Batman movie. The movie is the sequel to Superman: Man Of Steel and will pit Affleck into one of his biggest ‘acting’ roles for some time.

For all of us poker fans however, it seems that we will now have to wait another week before we get to see him in another acting role in the poker movie “Runner Runner”. It was all set to hit the cinemas in the US on the 27th of September but it has now been put back to the 4th of October.

The movie which also stars Justin Timberlake is being highly anticipated by poker fans across the globe, especially as it has been created by the same team that brought us the cult poker movie “Rounders”.

Whether or not that movie will have the same kind of impact is still to be seen but we do expect this movie to far better than many of the other poker related movies that have hit the screens over the past few years.

Affleck likes to work more on the other side of the cameras these days and has become supremely successful at doing just that. His movie “Argo” won the Oscar for best picture this year, putting him right up there as one of the best Directors around.

If you have not seen the trailer to the “Runner Runner” movie yet, take a quick peek below: