“bbvisbadforme” Tops Online Poker Profits

Viktor Blom

Yesterday produced only one player that got through into the 6 figure profit mark, but there were three pros that dropped over $100k each.

One of those losses was Viktor  Blom, who has been on fire this month. He’s won $1,916,909 so far this year, with that figure being a recovery from a massive burn out. This month he’s still $1,643,223 up at the midway point, but there is still half the month to go for “Isildur1”, to either go on another boiler or drop back down again.

Today he headed into the red as he lost in a heads-up match versus “bbvisbadforme”, who came top of the leader board as the only player to drag in a 6 figure profit. He won $151,200 from his heads-up play, in 22 sessions and 1,458 hands. On the other hand, Blom played 34 sessions throughout the day grinding past 2,545 hands, but he turned out at the end of it all with a $164,331 loss to nurse.

Blom and “bbvisbadforme” started by facing off on the $300/$600 No Limit Hold’em tables, where neither of them seemed to make any headway against each other. After a quiet few exchanges they turned up the heat by moving up to the $500/$1,000 No Limit Hold’em CAP tables. After an hour they were still making a few minor exchanges, with neither player pulling out in front by any substantial margin. However, five minutes before both players exited the Cap tables game, “bbvisbadforme” managed to land some blows on Blom to take a $120,000 lead.

After that loss Blom wanted to move back to the $300/$600 tables, maybe sensing he was on another downswing as moving down isn’t ever a sign of confidence. It turned out to be a good move for Blom, or things could have been far worse. After seventeen minutes, Blom lost another $50,000 and eventually quit from the game altogether losing $151,200 to “bbvisbadforme”.

There was also more heads-up action to report for the day as “SanIker” won $126,684 playing on the $100/$200 No Limit Hold’em Heads-Up games, seeing off “punting-peddler”. “SanIker” spent most of the session, which lasted about two and a half hours ahead, and at one point was recording a 6 figure profit. However, “Punting-Peddler” revived himself right at the last point.

Yesterday’s Top 5 Online Poker Profits

1st “bbvisbadforme” – $151,200

2nd “SanIker” – $126,684

3rd “SallyWoo” – $86,460

4th “bajskorven” – $83,783

5th “pandorasbux” – $80,646

On the losers end below Blom, Patrik “FinddaGrind” Antonius was back in the red. Despite being the second most successful online cash player ever, all his experience couldn’t dig him out of the hole he dug himself yesterday, leaving him as the day’s second biggest loser.

Yesterday’s Top 5 Online Poker Losses

“Isildur1” (-$164,331)

“FinddaGrind” (-$163,797)

“RookieNFL” (-$126,374)

“altiFC” (-$93,302)

“Vaga_Lion” (-$65,929)