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George having it in his studio
Plenty 'o' boobs
We got some of these puppys to sell...
Supermarket scumbags
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Beach Meets : George Heaven

We first came across George Heaven’s work through the ace Valley Cruise Press published ‘Monsters, Freaks and Weirdos’ concertina book. It’s ace. There’s a lot of humour in there, and in his work in general.
He’s a top lad too, and we like some of the films he makes, from the sorta weird and a bit pervy ‘Babes from Brasil’ he did for the World Cup and the downright odd (but hilarious) ‘Forrest Stump’. If you do one thing today make sure it’s watch that.
Hi George, How are you?
Hey, I’m pretty good thanks!
What are you working on at the moment?
Im working on a few things right now. I’ve just started a Bill and Ted double page Illusration for a film zine called Shelf Heroes. I love the Bill and Ted movies and the zine is really cool. There’s going to be a launch party at The Book Club on 22nd June so come along! I’m also working on a couple of other jobs too plus a handful of self initiated projects I’ve started, one of which is called Pot Heads…
Tell us about Pot Heads
Well, it started as an attempt to free myself from always doing pen and ink drawing so I thought why not try working with clay? I’ve started to 3D-ify my illustrated charcters and thought it would be cool to give them a purpose – hence Pot Heads! It’s a project I’d like to get a few other artists involved with as I think it’s interesting seeing how flat illustrations translate into real life objects. I want it to result in a really ecclectic collection of obscure and colourful objects!
You really like B-Movie horror. What are your favourite films? Can you link to good scenes on Youtube?
My favourite horror film has to be Creepshow 2. No matter how many others I watch I always go back to that one and it never gets boring! My favourite bit is in ‘The Raft’ when this pervy guy starts taking this babes shirt off while she’s asleep but she suddenly turns over and her face has melted off! Bad luck for that guy, although had she not been dragged to her sludgy grave you can guarentee he still would have tried it on, melted face and all! If anyone wants to know what the hell I am talking about, watch the whole thing on youtube…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIhJf6FkKqc
What do you have coming up?
Well you can expect to see more from Pot Heads in the coming months and I am always starting new projects. I have started drawing freaks and scuzz bags I see in my more depressing local super-markets (ASDA, TESCO, MORRISSONS etc…) you wouldn’t believe the people you see in these places, it’s like something from from the middle ages! I bet some of them still have the bubonic plague! I’m thinking of putting together a little zine called ‘Super-market Scum’ but I guess we’ll see how far I get with that. Oh I have some stickers for sale soon on my online shop so keep your eyes peeled!

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