Beach meets : Lawrence Slater | Beach London
Lawrence in his studio (and a peak of the lamp he's working on)
Hand cut and screen-printed Boy and Girl Clock
Tropical vibes in Lawrence and Tom's South-London studio.
The hedonistic project #LozLifestyle
Record sleeve for the Secret 7" project
An extract from the project 'Moving House' (2014)
An extract from the project 'Moving House' (2014)

Beach meets : Lawrence Slater

After graduating from London College of Communication in 2013, Lawrence Slater has been up to all sorts of cool stuff. Most recently he’s been drawing old rich men livin the life, gone boating in Berlin, and starting up a DIY press in his and his brother Thomas’ living room.

Besides drawing, Lawrence’s into working with wood. He’s in the process of creating a line of products and first out is a set of hand cut birch clocks. They’re currently smiling down at us from the wall in the gallery and you can get one for yourself from our shop.

We met up with Lawrence and had a little chat about his current situation and plans for the time to come.

Hey Lawrence, what’s up?

Hey! I just got back from a trip to Berlin, two of my friends live there now which is great. We cycled around, rented boats and ate falafel. Now I’m back in London on the grind.

Can you tell us about your ongoing project Hedonism? Where do you get the inspiration for the illustrations?

The hedonistic #LozLifestyle project started as a personal joke with myself really. Getting my inspiration from Dan Bilzerian’s Instagram page, MTV cribs and rap music, it’s all about being as flashy and over the top as possible. I feel like my work looks childlike and cute so I wanted to produce images with different content.

We love your face clocks! How did you come up with the idea for that? And can you tell us about the process of making them?

I really enjoy making things with my hands and wanted to produce something that was a bit more functional than anything I had produced before. I decided on clocks and after a few tests produced one I was happy with. At first I cut them by hand using a bandsaw and a lot of sand paper but now I get them machined with a CNC router. The graphics are later screen printed on in my studio.

Have you got plans to do more three-dimensional stuff anytime soon?

I’m currently working on a lamp. Hopefully, it will be ready by the end of the summer, so keep your eyes peeled. (You can actually see a prototype in the studio pictures.)

We’ve heard rumours that you’re setting up DIY living room press with your brother, Thomas. What can we expect from that in the time that comes?

We have a spare room in our house that we use as a studio. In there we have built screen printing facilities so that I can produce my products and we can do print runs. We are starting a new project where we are going to release a print weekly and give three of them away. We have collaborated on an exhibition in the past, the dynamic is great.

Cheers, we can’t wait to see more!


Check out Lawrence’s site for more, and keep a lookout for him and Thomas’ dope give-away project on their Instagram accounts here and here!

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