Belgian player cruises to Super Tuesday victory

Stacks of dollars

It rarely happens that a poker player dominates a tournament from the start to the end, to win the first prize without cutting a deal with his final table opponents. “zen_mec” only became the chip leader a couple of hands before the final table began, but he was always close to the top and never lost contact with the leading pack.

It took 11 hours for the field of 542 players to be reduced to just nine, but the bubble burst two hours earlier, when a player was eliminated in the 64th pace. With 63 players making the money, action resumed fast and furiously and when just nine players were left in the race, “zen_mec” had a narrow advantage over “Tyren0” from the Netherlands. “NhFy” was also within striking distance with almost 400k chips to his name, with the blinds at 4,000/8,000.

Two players from Denmark also made the final table but they had fewer chips than their neighbours and not surprisingly, “ministerborg” was the first to be eliminated. The Dutch player’s luck ran out at the worst possible time and despite being just a few thousand chips shy of tying the leader, “Tyren0” was sent to the rail in the eighth place. “zen_mec” caused the elimination of three players, so by the time three-handed play began, he was firmly at the top with more than twice as many chips as the runner-up.

He doubled up on Denmark’s Powergolf and just a couple of hands later he also eliminated “GhostCapo” who lost a coin flip with a pair of nines. He collected the very round payout of $55,555 and stepped away, leaving “zen_mec” to compete for the title with “mwnnj” from Russia. At this point, he had 5 times more chips than the contender, yet the underdog fought valiantly and even doubled up with a pair of queens.

The heads-up lasted a bit over 20 hands and “zen_mec” won the first PokerStars Super Tuesday of 2014 when his pocket Kings improved to a set on the flop. He won more than $100,000 out of a total prize pool of $542,000, while the other eight finalists split $250,000 as you can see below:

  1. zen_mec – $102,980
  2. mwnnj – $75,880
  3. GhostCapo – $55,555
  4. Powergolf – $42,276
  5. NhFy – $29,810
  6. gonti89 – $23,035
  7. Damián “pampa27″ Salas – $17,615
  8. Tyren0 – $12,195
  9. ministerborg – $8,997.20