Bellande A Little Less Broke After Prop Bet Win

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For those of you that follow Jean Robert-Bellande on Twitter, you might have noticed that he has been taking part in a rather tough prop bet for the past five months. The professional poker player who often basks in the glory of being broke stood to win a cool $70k if he could lose 43 pounds to get under 245 before November 1st.

Well five months on and after a lot of ups and downs, he has only gone and done it. He has now won himself $70k after five months of pretty much starving himself.

It all started back on the 1st of June when he tweeted:

It is unclear who the prop bet was with but what we do understand was that it was against two high rollers that regularly play at the ARIA. It was also made clear that one of the men bet him $50k whilst the other $20k that he would not be able to lose the weight. Although it started well for him, easily losing 10 pounds a month for the first few months, it got a whole lot trickier the closer he got to his target. In fact he seemed to maintaining his weight rather then losing it. Then the unthinkable happened when just little under two weeks ago he tweeted that he was completely frozen at the weight of 254lbs. he had less than ten days to go and it was starting to look like he was not going to make it.

Then just as he probably thought that things could not get any worse, they did on the 29th of October when this happened:

However, after recomposing himself, he started to see some more benefit in his weight loss and an increase in his confidence, leaving himself just 1lb away from his target.

Need to weight 245lbs by 12am Halloween night to win/lose a 70k bet. I like my chances #brokepumpkin #broke2scales A photo posted by Jean-Robert Bellande (@brokelivingjrb) on

And then there it was, he had done what many doubted he would be able to and was now $70k richer and eating something that he enjoys for the first time in almost half a year.

#broketrust #brokepumpkin #broke2scales

A photo posted by Jean-Robert Bellande (@brokelivingjrb) on

Yum! Goat cheese pastries… My 2 opponents just conceded my win. Lost 43lbs. 70k collected #brokepumkin #brokegrumpyowl #lillessbroke

A photo posted by Jean-Robert Bellande (@brokelivingjrb) on