Ben Mayhew Takes UKIPT 6-Max

UKIPT Nottingham Winner Ben Mayhew

It what can only be described as an emotional win, Ben Mayhew has captured the UKIPT4 Nottingham 6-Max Main Event. In the final hand Mayhew moved all-in from the big blind holding Ad Kc and was called by Tony Salmon’s 6c 6h.

The board ran out 8s Jd Ks 5d 8c giving Mayhew the title. When the final card hit the table, Mayhew hit the floor of the Dusk Till Dawn card room, with his hands covering his eyes to catch his tears of joy. He then stood and shook Salmon’s hand and congratulated him on a great match.

In contrast to his emotional reaction to his win, his tweet post was incredibly low key.


The final table lasted an intense six and a half hours and featured a lot of action. Salmon held a sizeable chip lead over Mayhew for most of the final table, until doubling up Mayhew late in heads-up play. Ten minutes later Mayhew took the title. For Salmon, the event marked his return to live poker at his home club after an 18 month absence from live games.

I made two bad decisions during the four days, which I know were bad decisions I got lucky on one“, he said. “But apart from that I think I played reasonably well“.

I am pleased with the result, that’s the first time I’ve played live in 18 months. I used to play in the DTD pub league, so I’m well happy about coming down here and finishing second. I’d like to have won it but it’s wasn’t my day“.

Mayhew had to overcome some significant obstacles on this way to the win, most importantly his Day 3 play which he described as “terrible”. Mayhew was quick to note the quality of his opponents at the final table.

You get tournaments where you’re at the final table and you look at one guy and you think God, he’s really bad, how did he get here? I think today that was me!“.

Mayhew attributed his win to his father who passed away in March. Mayhew said “I think he’s certainly up there. Every time I needed a card it was there, bink! I survived five or six all-ins as an underdog and somehow I got there“.

Mayhew who was a PokerStars qualifier took home £72,840 for his win as part of a three way deal at the end.

Here’s the prize breakdown for the other final table players.

2nd. Tony Salmon, United Kingdom, £64,296*

3rd. David Clifton-Burraway, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, £66,514*

4th. Ben Vinson, United Kingdom, £34,000

5th. Tim Wong, Malaysia, £26,750

6th. Sergio Aido, Spain, £20,700

*= final table deal.