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Ben86 Racks Up $2 Million in Two Months

Ben86 Racks Up $2 Million in Two Months

When it comes to the high stakes tables on PokerStars, there are not many players who can claim to be in as good a form as Ben “Ben86” Sulsky, he won another $215k yesterday to rack up his second million in as many months.

He started this year slowly but on the high stakes tables yet he is certainly making up for it right now, whether he can keep it up though is another matter all together.

He was playing at his favourite Pot Limit Omaha tables where he picked up his fairly common six figure profit. In fact the $2 million he has earned in the past two months is double that of the next best performance over that period of time. “Odd_Oddsen” being the player who has pocketed a still very healthy $1 million in the last couple of months.

Yesterday he actually got as high as $240k in profit on the PLO tables yet the amount he banks was a little lower after sustaining a few losses later on in the day.

The Usual Suspects!

Ben86” was playing against the usual bunch that are found on the high stakes tables on PokerStars, he was up against the likes of “1Il|1Il|1il|”, “IlariFin”, “patpatman”, “RaiseOnce”, “Isildur1” and “Jeans89”.

His two biggest pots of the day were almost identical in size, the first was for $89.9k after he hit a flush against “Odd_Oddsen” and his second was $89.2k when both he and “Ilari_Fin” had flopped a set each, only Sulsky’s was the better.

Ilari ended up as the biggest loser for the day as he lost around $186k in total, which is a pretty modest loss for his standards. This wasn’t to last for too long though as the last we saw he had made up for it and more with a profit of $300k in the early hours of the next morning.

“LewisFriend” had another good day at the felt too, banking a further $154k after pocketing $268k the day before. “GVOZDIKA55” too managed to take down a six figure profit after he totaled up $130k before calling it quits for the day, whilst barcode again took home over $100k as he chalked up a $133k profit.

With regards to the day’s losers, we already know about Ilari yet there were a couple of others that struggled. “patpatman” is not having a good time of it lately and he lost another $167k at the virtual felt whilst “rafaelamit” suffered an off day as he lost $105k.

The Biggest Winners!

• Ben86 +$215.8k

• LewisFriend +$153.9k

• 1Il|1Il|1il| +$130.1k

• GVOZDIKA +$105k




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