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Benny Chen Made Millionaire – Event #9 Reaches FT

Benny Chen wins Event #6Another bracelet at the World Series Of Poker has just been handed out after Benny Chen has just scooped the title in the $1.5k ‘Millionaire Maker’ on Day 4. The originally scheduled three day event had to see the final table of ten come back again today to finish off business.

The event had originally seen an attendance of 6,343 players but today there was just one of them left in Benny Chen after he beat a final table that included Justin Liberto, Chris Hunichen, Dan Kelly and Upeshka Desilva to win the bracelet and $1,198,780.

He had to defeat Michael Bennington heads up after going into that session with a three to one chip lead. He did this within just eight hands when after a series of bets the chips were all in the middle pre-flop. Bennington flipped over pocket threes whilst Chen the pocket nines meaning he was already well ahead before the flop. This didn’t change either as the board fell as the Kc-8d-2h-Jc-Ac, which meant he was the latest WSOP bracelet winner.

How It Finished!

1st) Benny Chen – $1,198,780

2nd) Michael Bennington – $741,903

3rd) Jonathan Gray – $534,506

4th) Justin Liberto – $400,408

5th) Dan Kelly – $302,104

6th) Chris Hunichen – $229,575

7th) Upeshka Desilva – $175,714

8th) Robert McVeigh – $135,467

9th) Theron Eichenberger – $105,154

WSOP Event #9 Day 2 In The Bag – Final Ten Set

We also saw the remaining 60 players come back for Day 2 in the $3k NLHE Shootout, in which each player had to then go and do what they did on Day 1 and win a table of ten players. The event started with 477 players in total but they were reduced to the 60 winners of each table on Day 1, meaning they have to win one more table to make the final one.

Amongst those players are Chris Klodnicki, David Baker and Max Steinerg, who are probably the most notable names on the final table.

The Final Table!

David Baker – 430,000

Chris Klodnicki – 429,000

Tim West – 428,000

Steven Silverman – 428,000

Max Steinberg – 428,000

Evan Silverstein – 427,000

Simeon Naydenov – 427,000

Ryan Hughes – 422,000

Alesandro Longobardi – 421,000

Cliff Josephy – 419,000

What They Will Be Gunning For!

1st Place – $299,486

2nd Place – $185,487

3rd Place – $123,202

4th Place – $91,428

5th Place – $68,613

6th Place – $51,997

7th Place – $39,756

8th Place -$ 30,641

9th Place – $23,791

10th Place – $18,609

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