The best way to make consistent money playing online

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I am often asked by many people what the best way to make money is playing online poker? I then ask them what sort of money they are talking about? Are they talking about looking for a big score or regular monthly income? If they are looking for a big score then the only way to do that is to win a large poker tournament for a significant sum of money. Unfortunately there are two very serious obstacles in the way of a player doing that. The first is that these tournaments are very hard to win even for the world’s best.

The amount of luck required to win any poker tournament is extreme and this is especially the case when the field starts to narrow. So just based on the frighteningly high variance alone then tournaments are very tough to win if the player numbers are high which they need to be as a rule to win a lot of money. The second problem is having a game strong enough to win the tournament in the first place.

I can hear many people here saying how “this doesn’t apply to me and I am good enough”…… how do you know? You can only know that if you have previous history of getting deep in large events and then being good enough to convert one into a win or very significant result. Could you be certain that you wouldn’t crack under pressure?

This is the classic situation that befalls many players that get a crack at a big payday for the first time…… they mentally blow up. These sorts of events are common but the thing is with tournament poker that you simply don’t get that much opportunity to be able to get experience because final tables come along so infrequently. So you may have the technical skills but do you have the mental skills and the right mind-set to go with it?

Do you or are you prone to going defensive at big moments? If you do then you probably don’t have the requisite game to win a big event even if you think that you do within your own mind. It is for these two reasons that I would never advise any player to go down the tournament poker route in terms of making money.


Before embarking on trying to play tournaments seriously then you need to ask yourself some very serious questions. The first being if your psyche and mentality is even suited to playing tournaments at all? If they are not then you may be better suited to playing cash games. Notice there that I only said “may”…… just because you are not suited to playing tournaments doesn’t mean that you are then suited to playing cash games.

It may just mean that poker simply isn’t your game but you have yet to realise that painful fact. Speaking of facts, the bottom line is that to make consistent money playing online poker then cash games are where you need to be focusing your efforts.