Bet Raise Fold video tells “The Legend of Isildur1”


“Isildur1” is no longer a nickname, but a brand that the entire poker community is familiar with and the story started many years ago. Back then, a young poker player from Sweden who goes by the name of Viktor Blom began his epic quest on Full Tilt Poker and quickly rose to stardom. The crew of Bet Raise Fold decided that his story is worth narrating and the video released a few days ago tells the “The Legend of Isildur1”.

In a nutshell, this is the story of unbridled enthusiasm and tremendous courage, as the young Swede took the poker community by storm in late 2009. He quickly surged through the standings until he amassed enough money to compete with the big boys at nosebleed limits. When he sat down at the high stakes, poker professionals expected a feeding frenzy and Viktor enjoyed plenty of action.

The video is narrated and its plethora of riddles and rhymes capture the very essence of what happened at those tables in October 2009. Isildur1 crushed the competition and won millions of dollars from some of the most prominent players in the world, catching the eye of the railbirds. Nobody knew where this amazing player came from, but soon enough it became obvious that Blom was here to stay.

Arguably his most remarkable performance on Full Tilt Poker was the annihilation of Tom Dwan who was at the time, the uncrowned king of internet poker. Both players were fans of loose aggressive poker so when they sat down at six tables, it was clear that the stakes were as high as they get. Tom and Viktor fought for many hours in a row and their contest eventually spanned over several days, but in the end, “Isildur1″ emerged victorious. “durrrr” lost $5 million.

The Bet Raise Fold video also serves as a cautionary tale, because in the second half it presents the downfall of Isildur1, at the hands of “Stringer88″. His opponent was widely regarded at the time as one of the best Omaha players in the world, but this didn’t intimidate Viktor. The two of them played for no more than four hours, yet at the end of the session Viktor Blom lost $4 million.

The legend of “Isildur1″ continues at Full Tilt Poker, of course.