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Big Prizes Set For 100 Billionth Hand At PokerStars

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The latest promotion announcement by PokerStars has sent countless poker players online to take part in what will surely be a historic moment. The company is nearing completion of 100 billion hands being dealt to players in ring games and tournaments. As they have done with many of their previous hands dealt achievements, PokerStars is approaching the 100 billionth with a sense of celebration. This celebration will be accompanied by a huge prize pool donated by the company to reward player loyalty and the many customers that have elevated PokerStars to the top of the online poker world.

By an impressively wide margin, PokerStars holds the record for most poker hands dealt online. This 100 billion hand landmark only adds to their reputation as being the clear leader in online poker gaming. Following the history of the big hand milestones, players and PokerStars employees anticipate that the 100 billionth hand will be dealt sometime in the month of June. As with past milestones, activity on the site has seen a large boost as players try to win a slice of the pie.

Because of this variation, it is impossible to pinpoint an exact date, but many experts think that the monster hand will happen towards the end of the month. Historically, PokerStars manages to cross five billion hands about once every 90 days. The last big milestone was the 95 billionth hand, which occurred towards the end of February. That time, the total prize pool was $1 million. This time around, PokerStars is looking to crush that figure.

So, how much will be up for grabs when the seminal cards hit the virtual felt? In total, PokerStars has created a pool of $5 million, from which several different prizes will be available. The top of these prizes will be a cool $1 million that will be shared between all players at the table where the 100 billionth hand is dealt as well as all other tables of the same stakes level and game type. The winner of the actual 100 billionth hand will receive $100,000 and the remaining $900,000 will be split equally to all of the other players at the table and stakes level.

In the past, the big hand milestone prizes at PokerStars were reserved for cash game tables, but the company is changing things up just a bit. While the ring game players will be eligible for the biggest prizes, some $3 million is being set aside for those participating in tournaments and other table types and promotions. Details about what types of prizes will be present for those entered in tournaments have yet to be announced, but as the expected date in mid-to-late June gets closer, these will appear on the PokerStars website.

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