Billy “The Croc” Argyros Scoops APPT Melbourne ME Title

Melbourne AUS

It has been a pretty hectic couple of weeks on the poker scene with the World Poker Tour and European Poker Tour getting their respective seasons underway. However, Europe and America were not the only two continents that had some high quality poker action on display as the Asia Pacific Poker Tour also had an event being held in Melbourne.

The event had been running for the past few days and finally saw the final table established for the final day which was played out yesterday.

The event kicked off at midday in Melbourne, with the final nine returning to the tables in order to fight it out for the title. The day started off at a hectic pace too, as four players were knocked out of the event in just the first hour of play.

The first of them was Jazz Mathers who started as the day’s shortest stack. He waited for a decent hand and pushed all in, but his pocket nines could do nothing against the Ac-10c of Ravi Maravar. He was soon followed out of the door by his victor though as Maravar lost in a Q-Q vs K-K coin flip to finish in 8th.

The other two players that were amongst the four early exits were Phi Luu and Joe Cabret as both players lost coin flips to see their events ended.

Out in 5th place went Robert Demalian, he will be condemning his move though as he was running pretty well at this point. He was ahead with the pocket eights against Bowdy Tolhopf’s As-7d, but saw an ace hit the flop to end his tournament somewhat prematurely.

This left just four to go, but the player that started the day with the chip lead was about to go home next. He eventually moved in with pocket queens but ran into the pocket kings of Argyros and came out second best.

With three remaining, they agreed to chop up the prize pool and play out for the remaining $29,500. This loosened up the play and led to Yan going home in third after his Ah-Kc was outdrawn by the As-9s of Tolhopf.

Heads up saw Argyos with a slight advantage at the beginning and one that he kept as the final hand saw his pocket eights fade the Ac-10h of Tolhopf to ensure he walked away with the title.

How It Finished

1st) Billy Argyros- $134,500 (deal)

2nd) Bowdy Tolhopf – $166,000 (deal)

3rd) David Yan – $133,000 (deal)

4th) Ashley Mason – $58,400

5th) Robert Damelian – $45,900

6th) Joe Cabret – $37,550

7th) Phi Luu – $29,200

8th) Ravi Maravar – $22,920

9th) Jazz Mathers – $16,650