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Bitar Condition Slowing Down Criminal Proceedings

tues3According to, the former CEO of the formerly owned Full Tilt Poker has been struggling with some kind of medical condition, though it hasn’t been reported as to which kind of condition this is as of yet.

It has been said that the condition is starting to cause delays in the criminal proceeding against him, with the case now at the plea negotiation stage.

On Friday of last week, Ray Bitar was set to appear before the court in another hearing in front of the judge Loretta Preska. After the judge was initially told that the plea negotiations between Bitar and the federal prosecutors were still ongoing, she was then also informed of an illness that Bitar is suffering.

The legal team for Bitar asked the judge to clear the courtroom of any spectators so that they could disclose the full details of this illness. They also requested that the courts transcript of that particular issue be completely sealed so as to afford the privacy of Mr. Bitar.

Once everybody else was called back into the boardroom, the Judge decided to continue the case for another month though she did insist that the plea negotiations should continue between both sets of legal representatives. She claimed that due to his condition, Bitar should be looking at clearing up this case as soon as possible.

Bitar is currently out on bail and confined in his own home via electronic monitoring as part of the $2.5 million bail conditions. He was one of the original four members of the original Full Tilt Poker board that were involved in the huge scandal at the site since black Friday, where the company was completely mismanaged to the point where the site didn’t have enough money to repay players, though they were still accepting deposits.

The site has since been acquired by PokerStars, after they agreed a deal with the DOJ in which they would pay off every player that the former ownership owed. The site is now back up and running, though this time by a company that knows what they are doing.

The other three former board members Howard Lederer, Rafe Furst and Chris Ferguson only had to face civil action, which has now been settled, though not to the satisfaction of poker players across the world. Despite owing millions, they only had to pay a small percentage as well as accept no responsibility for anything that went wrong at the old site.

This case should be the end of it with regards to the former Full Tilt board, with everybody else being dealt with.

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