Blom And Galfond “Destroy” High Stakes Tables

The action on the high stakes tables on FTP and PokerStars since the turn of the year has been nothing short of fantastic, with one man in particular completely tearing them up during the past two weeks. Viktor “Isildur1” Blom may have been the second biggest winner at the tables over the past couple of days, yet he has now pushed his profit in 2013 up to over $5 million.

He took down profits of $475.8k, which is just behind the $507.8k of Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond, with him playing predominantly at the Fixed Limit Omaha and Triple Draw tables.

It was actually Galfond who was the biggest winner during this period, as he went about his business of clawing back the $408k he lost in the middle of last week. His $500k haul included taking $282k from “patpatpanda” playing on the Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo tables, a $100k win against “Isildur1” and two wins worth $50k apiece from both “KPR16” and the super aggressive “Follow_The_Hawk”.

For Blom it was business as usual as he carried on his winning form of 2013. His biggest haul was when he played against “Kanu7” at the $300/$600 No Limit Holdem tables and took a massive $704k within just 90 minutes.

He then went on to face “Sauce1234” on the Pot Limit Omaha tables and took a total of $273k profit, with him taking $401.6k in just one pot against his opponent. This meant that Blom was now over a million in profit for the day, and in hindsight should have called it a day right then. However he elected to play on and lose $600k of that, with it being shared out by a number of players.

Another big winner was Gus Hansen, which is a rare thing of late. He won $352k whilst playing against the likes of “Kagome”, “cottonseed1” and “PostFlopAction”. He certainly needs it, having previously been down $3.5 million at FTP since its re-launch.

“SallyWoo” also continued what has been a good year so far with another $250.8k banked during the last couple of days. Most of that was from the $600k that Blom lost during his minor blip.

The Biggest Profits!

OMGClayAiken – (+$507.8k)

Isildur1 – (+$475.8k)

Gus Hansen – (+$352k)

SallyWoo – (+$250.8k)

The action has really heated up at the highs takes action so far this year, which is hopefully a sign that it will continue throughout the year. We certainly hope so as there is nothing we like more than to watch these guys trade millions as if it was loose change in their back pockets.


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