Blom and Hansen Run the Tables


2014 has kicked off with a bang. After just five days, the usual players have been stirring up the action on the virtual tables. Viktor Blom and Gus Hansen were fighting back to turn mediocre starts to their 2014 campaigns into a profit.

Both players have started the year with slight losses, Overall, “Isildur1” is currently down -$1,505,774 since he joined Full Tilt Poker in 2009. As for Hansen, the story is bleaker with a total loss of -$14,678,924 since May 2007. Both players have gained fearless reputations online as well as on the live poker scene, and despite their losses at the virtual felts of the notorious high stakes nosebleed tables on Full Tilt Poker, they are in fact profitable career poker players.

Yesterday’s Top 5 Online Poker Profits

1st “Isildur1” $261,986

2nd “GusHansen” $212,855

3rd “Bttech86” $121,750

4th “SallyWoo” $77,963

5th “yurasov1990” $61,341

Yesterday, Blom went on from a previous day’s loss of $93,870 then proceeded to run over into the next day to finish up winning $261,986 leaving his 2014 total start to the year in profit. Hansen was also coming off the back off a previous day’s loss and managed to pull in a six-figure profit putting himself in profit for the start the year.

Top 3 Profits So Far in January 2014

1st “SallyWoo6” $263,424

2nd “Gus Hansen” $193,821

3rd “Isildur1” $168,116

Blom was electric after the clock ticked past 12:00am giving him a breath of fresh air. He was up against Ike “luvtheWNBA” Haxton playing Heads Up on the CAP tables at $500/$1,000 stakes. It was a stroke of luck and perfect timing for the Swede as he hit a mega upswing that saw him take $88,000 from this match.

While the action was spicing up, Ben “Bttech86″ Tollerene was alerted and decided to challenge Blom in a heads-up session at the same stakes probably hoping to capitalise on Blom’s previous day’s misfortune, but it was turning out to be an unwise move as Tollerene lost $130,000. However, persistence prevailed and Blom being Blom kept firing, which resulted in him handing back the $130,000 win plus another $158,000 on top.

Blom then headed over to “SallyWoo” on the Fixed Limit Omaha Eight-or-Better tables playing for $2,000/$4,000. The first session took 37 minutes seeing Blom win $111,000, but again he didn’t slow down and made a repeat of his Tollerene performance in what was a second session versus “SallyWoo” losing $151,000 in 23 minutes.

After a swingy couple of days for Blom, he finally confirmed a profit playing 2-7 Triple Draw versus 2013’s most profitable online poker player Niklas “ragen70″ Heinecker, who ended up with the day’s biggest loss. Blom managed to pull in $170,000 and signed off.

In the afternoon Blom made a return firstly playing heads-up in some 8-Game sessions against Alexander “PostflopAction” Kostritsyn producing a $118,000 profit. He later went back to the Fixed Limit Omaha Eight-or-Better tables winning $100,000 over two session from Kyle “KPR16″ Ray.

Gus Hansen was also making his successful run on the 2-7 Triple Draw tables winning $144,000 from “taktloss47”, who ended up recording the day’s second largest loss. Hansen and Blom’s combined wins were responsible for the top 3 losses of the day!

Yesterday’s Top 5 Losses

“ragen70” (-$207,992)

“taktloss47” (-$144,124)

“PostflopAction” (-$96,675)

“LhhmMaoly” (-$89,611)

“luvtheWNBA” (-$88,403)