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Blom Brings Back The Glory Days – Crushes Dwan For $200k

Blom Brings Back The Glory Days – Crushes Dwan For $200k

Yesterday saw the much anticipated first heads up match between Tom “Durrrr” Dwan and Viktor “Isildur1” Blom. They had exchanged tweets last week about re-igniting some of their famous clashes from back in 2009 when both of these players had made a name for themselves.

In fact, Dwan was already a well established and hugely successful cash game player on Full Tilt Poker for quite a while, before this unknown player with the screen name of Viktor Blom starting to appear on the scene.

Well, he crushed everyone in his way back then, including Dwan to the tune of around $5 million. It was his unorthodox style and aggressive play that his opponents couldn’t get to grips with, including Dwan who is highly aggressive himself.

Well yesterday, they finally got it on with both of them stumping up $200k each to spread across four different No Limit Holdem heads up tables. I don’t think anyone really expected it to last too long, but I am sure they would have thought it might last longer than three hours for there to be a winner announced.

It actually started at quite a slow pace surprisingly, as each player was attempting to measure the other one up. There were the expected amount of all ins, yet in the early stages these were folded by the opponent.

Durrrr Has Early Lead!

Dwan did manage to get himself in front after a while and would have felt like this was his chance to get revenge for all the money he lost to his opponent a few years back, however the lead didn’t last as long as he would have hoped.

Blom started to chip away at Dwan’s lead and before we knew it he had won a few big pots, mainly from badly timed “Durrrr” bluffs. He started to do what he is known for and start over betting and playing his value bets very thinly.

Eventually Blom was up a good $100k and continued to keep pressing the advantage. Again Dwan would try and bluff his way out of trouble; however Blom has to be one of the hardest players in the world to bluff.

Dwan soon found himself down to $50k and had to shift all of his chips to just one table, though that amount again did not last long as Isildur effectively finished him off in a hand where he hit two pair on the river to leave Dwan with just $4k.

We doubt this is going to be the end of this rivalry, with Dwan known to like a challenge, with Blom being the biggest challenge of his life so far.


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