Blom Drops $336,292 versus Polk

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Even though Viktor “Isildur1” Blom lost a total of $336,292 playing heads-up with Doug “WCGRider” Polk, he still managed to somehow grind his way through all the carnage to finish the day $27,158 in the green.

Viktor Blom started off with a Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo bonanza winning $213,784 from Kyle “KPR16″ Ray, who ended up with day’s sourest stack losing $240,919 thanks to another $26,710 loss on the No Limit Hold’em tables. It took two sessions for Ray to give up $124,000 and $116,000 to hand over to Blom yet another great start.

Over on the Deuce to Seven Triple Draw tables, Blom was dishing out more hard hits to his opponents’ stacks, adding another $162,928 on top of his morning Omaha exploits. On the receiving end of Blom’s draw play were Niklas “ragen70″ Heinecker and Gus Hansen. Hansen is continuing on from 2013’s downwards spiral and finished yesterday’s action $181,276 out of pocket. $87,019 of that loss came from his three 2-7 draw sessions over the course of the day, while he blasted away another $94,256 playing Pot Limit Omaha. Blom was also a loser on the PLO as he lost $13,260 in seven sessions.

At this point of the day Blom was on yet another incredible upswing. With his confidence topped up, he decided a few heads-up sessions with Doug “WCGRider” Polk was exactly what he needed to tip him over the half a million dollar mark. However, on the $500/$1000 CAP No Limit Heads-Up tables, it was Polk’s turn to magnetise some of the cash flying that had been flying in Blom’s directions all morning.

The pair played over four sessions and 2,790 hands in which Blom immediately sent $250,000 over to Polk. Not a good start! Blom did stage a comeback and incredibly boasted a six figure profit, but soon enough after another three hours play, Blom was running out of ideas and the match was all square again. Things were still looking good for the Swede at this stage considering he had already banked massive wins prior to his battle with Polk.

Continued play saw Blom go into overdrive where he eventually ended up handing over almost $500,000, putting him into the red for the first time in the day. Once again, it looked like Blom was going from huge six figure profits to ending the day with huger 6 figure losses. Luckily Polk stuck around for Blom to grind back enough to ensure that he would stay in green from all sessions played by the time he logged off.

Yesterdays Top 5 Online Poker Profits

1st “WCGRider” $335,581

2nd “Doorbread” $154,735

3rd “no_Ola” $111,834

4th “joiso” $58,387

5th “taktloss47” $49,611

Yesterdays Top 5 Online Poker Losses

“KPR16” (-$240,919)

“Gus Hansen” (-$181,276)

“Crazy Elior” (-$98,468)

“ragen70” (-$81,072)

“verve.oasis” (-$71,152)