Blom and Galfond Net High Stakes Profits


With no real live events of note going on right now, the online high stakes has predictably picked up a little bit with there being quite a lot of action going on over the past few days. Plenty of the usual suspects were out in search for some big profits and on this occasion it was Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond and Viktor “Isildur1” Blom that walked away with the most.

Blom walked away with profits of $329.2k after playing a initially at the $25/$50 Pot Limit Omaha tables before then moving up in stakes twice to end up at the $100/$200 tables. He took home a small amount on those tables and decided to move things up another notch and headed over for some $1.5k/$3k 8 game action.

There were some big names here including Patrik “FinddaGrind” Antonius but none of them could touch Blom as he went from $20k on the table to almost $500k. He didn’t manage to keep all of that though and eventually left the table with around $400k.

He went on to lose a little bit more at some other tables but still finished the day with a profit of $329k. That wasn’t the biggest win of the day though as that honour fell to “OMGClayAiken” after he took home $364.4k.

His winning came primarily at the Triple Draw tables where he was up against the likes of Gus Hansen, “Seb86” and “Kagome Kagome”. He wasn’t doing all that well until many of the players left the table leaving just him and Hansen. He took $450k from his opponent before Hansen called it a day. Galfond had previously lost some at the tables to come to his true figure of $364.4k for the day.

The only two other big winners on the day were “wilhasha” and “kagome kagome” after taking home $125.4k and $97.6k respectively. They were both involved heavily in the earlier 8-game action as well as a bit of Pot Limit Omaha.

The Largest Profits

Phil “OMGClayAiken” Glafond – (+$364.6k)

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom – (+$329.2k)

wilhasha – (+$125.4k)

Kagome Kagome – (+$97.6k)

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