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Blom On The Up – Sahamies Falling Back Down

Blom On The Up – Sahamies Falling Back Down

Since the newly PokerStars owned Full Tilt Poker re-launched, it seems Viktor “Isildur1” Blom has gone back to winning ways, whilst Ilari “Ilari FIN” Sahamies’ majestic run a couple of weeks ago has started to go in the complete opposite direction yet again.

Blom was one of the very first players on Full Tilt Poker when it re-launched, along with Gus Hansen who is a fellow “Professional” of the site. We then saw other big name high stakes players going to take a look in “Rui Cao”, Alex “IReadYrSoul” Miller and Ronny “ronny37617” Kaiser.

How Blom played was reminiscent of back in 2009 when he burst onto the highstakes scene, as he raced into a profit of more than $300k. This put him temporarily at the top of the sites earners list since it reopened.

He has since struggled though and lost a large chunk of cash, so his profit for the week now stands at $87k. In comparison to Hansen though, that’s a good week. Hansen has dropped $387k since his return to the site.

Sahamies Drops $672k

The Sahamies saga continued this week, with the player certainly being one of the more up and down players on the high stakes scene. This week saw him dropping $672k at the high stakes tables at PokerStars to officially end his amazing run of a couple of weeks ago.

That week he won an amazing $1.1 million and finally brought himself out of the red for the year, yet this week proved that all good things must come to an end. He played around 3,000 hands with a good slice of them against fellow high stakes player “patpatman”.

patpatman” is still officially unknown but it is highly thought that he is one of the Malaysian businessmen that are well known for their high stakes action in Macau. “patpatman” was actually the biggest high stakes player this week across all sites as he banked a good $680k.

Sahamies on the other hand found himself over a $ 1 million down a little earlier in the week but did managed to claw $328k of it back.

It would be great to be a fly on the wall at Sahamies place, seeing how all of this affects him, one week he is massively up, the next massively down. Knowing him he will go on another mega $1 million run next week.

At least he makes entertaining reading, which is why we will certainly let you know which way he goes next week, up or down.


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