Blom reinstated as 2013′s Highest Online Earner


Viktor “Isildur1” Blom has been on the rampage again. After a dismal August and September, October has seen one of the most aggressive and volatile players on the Full Tilt Poker cash games count $2,803,782 worth of profits in just 23 days.

Current Months Top Online Poker Profits

1st – “Isildur1” $2,803,782

2nd – “IReadYrSoul” $398,408

3rd – “jungleman12” $285,432

4th – “luvtheWNBA” $233,028

5th – “trex313” $224,044

Blom has shown us what it’s like not to be scared of the money by continuing his high risk and highly aggressive style of play to reinstate himself as 2013′s online poker king pin. It has been by no means easy as he’s had to get through the likes of Patrik “FinddaGrind” Antonius. Phil “Polarizing” Ivey, “Sally Woo”, Isaac “luvtheWNBA” Haxton and more sharks swimming in the water waiting to take a piece of Blom’s highly explosive action plays.

Current Years Top Online Poker Profits

1st – “Isildur1” $3,077,468

2nd – “Bttech86” $2,944,626

3rd – “ragen70” $2,658,828

4th – “FinddaGrind” $2,278,445

5th – “PostflopAction” $2,225,497

All have been in line over the last, but all have had to watch their cash go in the opposite direction, and so as quickly as they poached the cash out of the Swedish borders via the red hot internet poker wires, just as quickly they’ve had to send it back.

Yesterday was one of those days as almost anyone who is anybody on the poker tables were handing over their cash to the Swede as it turned out to be one of Blom’s biggest days this year. Blom was quite literally on a heater burning up the virtual felts and scorching his opponents with some incredible plays on a day were we saw three players top the $200,000 profit margin, with Blom’s performance making what were two other incredible profits look minuscule.

Yesterdays Top 5 Online Poker Profits

1st – “Isildur1” $649,898

2nd – “RealMonies” $243,657

3rd – “Denoking” $155,291

4th – “ragen70” $131,859

5th – “FinddaGrind” $131,251

After 6,960 hands and 50 sessions in a single day, Blom wreaked havoc mainly taking his profits from the Omaha Eights-or-Better tables. In four sessions and 537 hands, he’d added $468,066 profit to his name leaving “SallyWoo” down $274,824 and “cottonseed1” in the red for $255,614. However, the majority of Blom’s hands were played on the No Limit Hold’em tables.

He played 40 sessions of Hold’em and 5,853 hands, but with only a $29,335 profit proving to be nowhere near as lucrative as his Omaha play.

Blom’s heater also boiled over to the Triple Draw tables where he’s turned over a $2,058,482 profit this month already. Yesterday it was 6 sessions and 570 hands winning a $152,497 profit continuing his run in a style that he rarely seems to drop any cash.

As for the day’s losses there were plenty of 6 figure burn outs with Dan “Cottonseed1” Hendon and “SallyWoo” recording the biggest drops after their Omaha Hi/Lo encounters.

Yesterday’s 5 Biggest Online Poker Losses

“SallyWoo” (-$274,824)

“cottonseed1” (-$255,614)

“WCGRider” (-$207,191)

“SanIker” (-$175,106)

“KPR16” (-$174,128)