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Blom Still Blooming – Another $344k Banked

So, we are now exactly one week into the New Year with it being the 7th of January and a certain Viktor “Isildur1” Blom has absolutely torn up the high stakes tables on Full Tilt Poker, as he has now won close to $2.5 million.

Yesterday he won another $344k to reach that target, which means he is now actually in the black at the site for the first time since December of 2009. It has taken a long time for Blom to claw back the $4.2 million he lost whilst playing against Brian Hastings that month, more than three years in fact.

That is mainly down to the trouble surrounding the old ownership of FTP, meaning he was unable to play at the site, however since its re-launch Blom was able to make a start. He struggled initially, but then started to slowly make the money back, with this week being by far his best ever. He is now a little over $200k in profit, and who would bet against him quickly adding to that?

How His Day Went!

In the beginning he actually lost approximately $130k when he was up against the likes of “Alexonmoon” and the super aggressive “PostFlopAction”. He made all of this back on a separate table though where he was playing “PostFlopAction” and took his opponent for $142.5k. A later session against the same player also saw him make add another $86.2k.

The day would certainly become a bit of a rollercoaster though as Blom then went and lost a combined amount of $194k to both “cottonseed1” and “PostFlopAction”. He took a break after those sessions and came back a little later to try and recoup his now days losses of $95k.

He certainly got his wish as he went heads up against “Alexonmoon” and destroyed him during a session that lasted three hours. He took a grand total of $360k from his opponent before he decided to take another break and left the table. He then came back to earn another $93k in just 15 minutes against “SallyWoo” at the Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo tables.

He then took in one last session, with it being another one against “Alexonmoon” for just 40 minutes this time. In that time he took around $100k from his opponent before calling it a night after being happy enough with his days work of $343.9k profit.

Yesterdays Highest Earners!

Isildur1 – (+$343.9k)

Gus Hansen – (+$116.6k)

ChaoRen160 – (+$113k)

juuuiice – (+$79.9k)


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  1. It’s good to see he’s starting off 2013 so well. I hope it continues and that we don’t see a repeat of late 2009. Good Luck to him!

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