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Blom Suffers A Loss – Winning Streak Ends

Blom Suffers A Loss – Winning Streak Ends

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom has literally been untouchable on the high stakes tables over at Full Tilt poker so far this year, having made profits of more than $4 million since the start of the month. That sort of form can be considered nothing short of remarkable, however many people were wondering just how long this kind of upswing can last.

Well, it is too early to say whether the upswing has ended, yet it did suffer somewhat of a blip yesterday on the tables as “Sauce123” wanted to exact some revenge for the $743k the Swede took from him the day before on Tuesday. Though Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky didn’t quite recoup all of those losses, he did take around $400k from his opponent.

That has brought Sulsky back to around evens for the year so far, with him being the player who took home the most online highs takes profits during 2012 with a haul of $3.5 million for the year. This particular session last around 1,000 hands with both players swapping chips for quite some time before Sulsky started to take control.

He will feel like he has exacted some kind of revenge but is still or so thousand down against Blom in 2012, something which he will be looking to rectify at some point or another.

Up until yesterday, Blom had been crushing everyone in his path at the site, with him taking 1.3 million just a couple of days ago against both Sulsky and Phil Galfond. He has also taken another 2.7 during the last week alone from various opponents.

He literally won more in one week in January than Sulsky did during the last twelve months in 2012, however, as we know, Blom is just as capable of losing the same amount in the same period of time. In fact he has only just got himself back in the profit at FTP for the first time since 2011 with this upswing.

This has all led to a huge renewed interest in the highs takes game on both PokerStars and FTP, the railbirds are always out in force to see if Blom will in fact continue his domination or whether some of the other players will step up and start to challenge him more successfully.

We like to keep our readers updated on everything that goes down on the highest stakes tables at the best online poker sites, so if you have that in common with us, then we are a match made in heaven. Simply check with us every day to see what has been going on.




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