Blom And Tollerene Take Each Other On At HighStakes

Chess pieces

With the Aussie millions now out of the way for Viktor “Isildur1” Blom, he has been quick to doing what he does best and playing high stakes poker online at Full Tilt Poker. His trip to Australia was a rare live performance by the shy Swedish professional and he would have been eager to get back to his grinding station to try and increase his profits from an already very impressive year so far at the virtual felt.

He did not have to wait too long to find an opponent that was willing to take him on as Ben “Bttech86” Tollerene was up for the fight at the $500/$1,000 Pot Limit Omaha tables.

The momentum between the two kept switching the entire time and provided the rail with plenty of entertainment. The session lasted for around two hours with each player seemingly starting to take control before the other would claw back all of their losses.

Early on it was Blom that seemed to be on course for big profits when within the first hour he had pushed out into a $110k lead. The next twenty minutes though saw Tollerene put a stop to that with his very own upswing to the tune of $150k. That put him about $50k in front at that time but not for too much longer as the tables turned once more.

This time Blom went on an upswing worth $125k to put him around $75k in front after just ninety minutes of action.

One Final Swing

The match was set for one final swing however as Tollerene went on a huge push for the final 30 minutes of the session claiming $300k from his opponent. By the time the session came to a close Tollerene had recorded a total profit of $222.6k.

This session as the only one of note at the high stakes tables over the past couple of days although “PostFlopAction” did also have a short session of less than an hour and a half against Blom and took the Swede for $81.4k at the 8-Game tables.

We always love to follow the biggest stakes cash games online and will always provide reports for you to keep up with the action, so make sure you come and see us on a regular basis to keep yourselves in the knows.