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Blom Up Nearly $1.5 Million In Four Days

Blom Up Nearly $1.5 Million In Four Days

Viktor Blom has had a well documented struggle at Full Tilt since the re-opening back on the 6th of November, however within just a few days he has turned all of that around and is now more than $1 million in profit.

He had an excellent weekend at the tables, whereby he earned a massive $676k profit as we reported on earlier today. However, he was right back at it again just yesterday as he romped to another $671k, which means in just a few days he has scooped a staggering $1.35 million.

This upturn in fortunes has now turned what was a deficit approaching $500k at the site within a month to a profit of $1.05 million.

Over the past year, Blom has decided to mix up his action, with him formerly being known purely as a Hold’em specialist. During the past year he has now adapted too many other variations such as 2-7 Triple Draw as well as both FLO8 and PLO8. This transitional period now seems to be paying off as he ended up as the top earner on both the PLO and FLO tables yesterday.

Hansen Struggles Continue!

Whilst Blom is now flourishing, it was at the expense of his “Professionals” colleague Gus Hansen. In fact Hansen was the biggest contributor to Blom’s profit as he lost $275k. Hansen then also lost a further $97k at the Pot Limit Omaha tables before finding a good chunk of salvation by scoring a $218k profit at the 2-7 Triple Draw tables later in the day. This still left him down again though, with a total of $154.5k added to his losses since the site re-opened.

Blom’s other major victim yesterday was Eguene “fishosaurusREX” Yanayt, who shipped a total of $159k in to the account of Blom. This was during a heads up session that lasted four hours at the triple draw tables.

Despite that loss, his opponent still finished as the second highest winner of the day with a profit of $237.4k, as he had earlier won $400k.

The Action At PokerStars!

The biggest winners of the day over at PokerStars were “wilhasha” and “Susie Smith” as they both pocketed $118.8k and $109.5k respectively. In regards to the former, most of his winnings came against Ben “ben86” Tollerene who now seems consigned to finishing as the second highest profit maker of 2012. At one point he was right on the tail of Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky, yet through a lack of activity and a couple of negative scores it looks highly unlikely that he will now catch him.

Yesterday’s Biggest Profits!

Isildur1 – (+$670.9k)

fishosaurusREX – (+$237.4k)

davin77 – (+$199.8k)

DealMeInFast – (+$129k)


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