Blom wins 62 out of 100 in the Blom Challenge

Percent 62

In October Full Tilt Poker put the Viktor “Isildur1” Blom promotion on the tables in the form of a series of exciting free roll qualifiers, giving poker fans the chance to take on the Swede, well known for his aggressive style and high stakes poker action.

There were 100 HU matches to be won coming via free rolls rolling off the virtual felts of Full Tilt Poker’s multi table tournament platform. The winners of each grind won their chance to sit opposite the Swede in a heads match of Texas Hold’em.

For the average poker player, the stakes were higher than they ever have been for most. Those who were fortunate enough to get to grind with Blom won the prestige of getting a rare opportunity to go up against poker’s “Isildur1,” as well as earning the chance for bragging rights by winning against one of this year’s top online high stakes players with over $3.5 million in profit on the nosebleed Full Tilt Poker cash tables. On top of this, winners would also have the honour of taking $1,000 straight out of Blom’s bankroll for doing the deed.

Entrance into the free rolls were presented through a host of options. Twitter completions were hosted daily, players could also earn their ticket by simply depositing $20.00, bursting through the bubble into a cash spot in one Full Tilt Poker’s MTTs, or they could cash in the top spot on a Full Tilt Poker sit and go table.

Blom wasn’t going to make it easy as he stood to lose $100,000 if he dropped all 100 heads-up matches, but to be honest we all knew that wasn’t going to happen. He went into each and every match stating that he planned to win each and every duel. However, the whole affair cost the Swede $38,000 as he dropped 38 heads-up showdowns, giving Full Tilt fans $1,000 to add to their bank rolls and proof that they had to beat one of the best in the game. That is if they saved their hand history!

The heads-up games were sit and goes with both the challenger and Blom starting with 1,500 chips. To spice the action some more, the blinds were set to the usual heads-up sit and go style using the turbo action. From the 26th October, Blom had to multi-table in 5 sessions versus 5 winners at once, twice a day, making it 10 heads-up matches per day for 10 days.

It wasn’t easy for Blom at first as he lost 22 face-offs with just 11 wins, until finally he changed gears and went out in front with 29 wins versus 28 losses. After that he closed down player after player to eventually take the challenge with 62 wins and 38 losses. The match with the most hands pushed Blom through 86 decisions, while the shortest was over as soon as the cards were in the air, lasting just 1 hand. Throughout the 100 heads-up matches, the average count was 34 hands per match, with a total of 3,400 hands played.