Boeree Brings Much Needed Awareness To The “Arctic 30”

Liv Boeree

PokerStars Team Pro Liv Boeree who just yesterday finished second in the UK & Ireland Poker Tour Edinburgh Main Event for a cash of £59,180 to go with her PokerStars Caribbean Adventure for a great start to the year, decided rather than writing a blog post for PokerStarsBlog about this good start to the year, to instead write about an issue that really does need more awareness.

Boeree has always been extremely passionate about the environment and what needs to be done to help halt the damage that we as humans are doing to it. She started by telling the story of the ‘Arctic 30’ below.

“On 18 September, a group of twenty-eight activists and two journalists traveled by inflatable boat from the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise to Gazprom’s Prirazlomnaya oil drilling platform. In a peaceful statement of protest, they intended to hang a banner from the platform calling for an end to drilling in the Arctic. Prodded by the oil company, Russian authorities boarded the Arctic Sunrise the next day and arrested everyone at gunpoint. All thirty were taken into custody and were sent to a detention camp for two months pending an investigation.”

“Initially, the “Arctic 30″ were held on charges of piracy, which carries a 15-year sentence. Although they managed to get those charges dropped, they were still held for weeks on hooliganism charges, which come with a 7-year sentence. It reminded me of what happened with the girls from Pussy Riot who are still in prison for protesting against Russian president Vladimir Putin. The Arctic 30 were eventually released after three months in captivity.”

She followed that up by explaining that she joined in the protests against ‘Shell’ after the company had decided to keep quiet on the issue where other well known oil companies were public in how they felt it was wrong how these 30 were treated. Of course, Shell had huge connections with Gazprom after both agreed a huge deal.

She then holds her hands up due to obviously having to fly around the world a lot, but that in all other walks of life she is actively reduced the amount of oil that she uses personally. This involves cycling and walking rather than the using her car, which she states she has not since May last year.

“I’m always looking for more ways to decrease my own consumption because being aware isn’t enough. I hope people hold me to that as well. I’ll surely hold myself to it.”

We fully agree on her stance and believe that the more awareness this issue can get, the better for our planet and of course all of our future generations.