Boeree Rocks The Stage and Poker Tables (vid)

Rock concert

In her most recent blog post over on PokerStarsBlog, PokerStars Team Pro Liv Boeree has revealed that she was invited to take part in one of the episodes of the televised cash game called Poker Night in America. She also provided a surprise for the show too, rocking her guitar with a band on the stage.

Regarding the cash game, considering that she was primarily a tournament player, she was understandably a little apprehensive about the offer, as she says below:

“As a long-time tourney player with comparatively little cash experience, this question gave me a twang of apprehension. Obviously not one to often turn down an opportunity for major TV exposure, I said yes. Reminiscent to my schooldays as a slacking, last-minute-approach teenager, it was time to do some homework, and fast.”

Putting some work in was also seriously warranted as she would be up against a tough bunch of cash game players in the likes of Phil Hellmuth, Phil Laak, Antonio Esfandiari and Saun Deeb. These are players that are right at the top of the game and would be looking to take advantage of the fact that Boeree had rarely played cash games or featured on a televised cash game table before.

Once she had spent many hours playing some Zoom cash games on PokerStars and taking in the advice of Igor Kurganov, she felt like she was ready for the challenge. The challenge actually seemed to have gone well for her, though she is being tightlipped on the details.

“I’m not going to give too many spoilers, but I can report that my homework paid off nicely, especially in a couple of hands against my favourite poker needler, Shaun!”

She also revealed that she was not only on the show to play poker but also to play in a band with a guitar. Despite being a little bit rusty having not really played for a few years and only having a little practice during a break on the Poker Night in America filming, she did not do too bad at all in our opinion.

Check out her performance below to see for yourself. Also, as you know, we have already been following the Poker Night in America television series, so we will eventually get to the episode that feature Liv and will certainly share it with you.