Boeree And Shahade Blog On Effective Giving

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You may remember an article we did a month ago on the launch of REG (Raising For Effective Giving), an avenue set up by PokerStars Team Pro Liv Boeree, Philipp Gruissem and Igor Kurgonov that allows players to sign up and give a percentage of their poker earnings to charity each month.

REG was created to take away the stress for players looking for the most efficient charities out there themselves. As whilst all charities try to do good, some are far more effective than others at getting the money to those who need it.

Well, today on PokerStarsBlog there were two new blogs about REG, one from one of the founders Liv Boeree and another from the PokerStars Mind Sports Ambassador Jen Shahade. Boeree talks about how REG came about, with her originally having an empty feeling despite obviously becoming wealthy and successful from the game that she loves.

“I’ve been playing poker for a long time and thankfully, I’ve been reasonably successful doing so. With that came a wealth of amazing opportunities the game has given me, from travel to experiences to meeting heroes from many industries. But at the same time I’ve become increasingly aware of a growing emptiness I’ve been feeling, and it’s one I’m not alone with – it’s the question of what we, as poker players, are actually contributing long-term to society.”

It was this common emptiness that she shared with many fellow poker professionals, which led to her and two good friends in Kurganov and Gruissem to try and do something that could allow poker players to do their bit for the less fortunate.

“We came up with the idea of “Raising for Effective Giving” or “REG”, — — a charity that enables poker players to sign up and pledge to donate a small percentage (2%) of their gross quarterly winnings.”

It is certainly a fabulous idea and we are sure it is going to be extremely popular among the top pros. The story of how it developed is an interesting one too, so make sure you read her full post here.

As for Jen Shahade, she was one of three people that were lucky enough to win a coaching session with both Kurganov and Gruissem. She talks about how this session really made her understand more about the importance of visualisation in poker as well as the importance of giving.

“I love the idea of thinking more efficiently in poker by visualizing a range rather than using math and words to figure things out. In the first game I studied, chess, watching the pieces move around in your brain is not just one way to get good, it’s the only way to get good.”

It too is a well thought out and intelligently put together blog, one that will give something to everyone that reads it.