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Brit Takes Down The PokerStars Sunday Million!

Brit Takes Down The PokerStars Sunday Million!

It wasn’t just the Olympics that were being played by opponents from each side of the globe over the weekend; there was also the PokerStars Sunday Million. The weekly super online event that guarantees a prize pool of a million dollars each week was as usual an explosive affair.

It has certainly been a while since a Brit has won the PokerStars Sunday million, but welshwizard9 nine has finally broken that barren run.

The tournament is a straight $215 buy-in, though there are masses of satellites that are run through the week to allow players the opportunity to play in the event for a lower entry cost. This week saw 6,153 entrants which again dwarfed the $1 million guarantee set by PokerStars, the prize pool actually stood at $1,230,600.

From the 6,153 entrants only 900 managed to go home with some money. That 900 then had to be whittled right down to just nine on the final table. As with any PokerStars Sunday Million, the action was fast and frantic and players were almost being knocked out by the second in the opening exchanges, though of course as you get further in this elimination rate slows down.

By the end of level 36 we had our final table, and among them was PokerStars Team Pro Richard Toth. Welshwizard9 would have been more wary of this player than any other, especially considering that Toth was two seats to his left.

Slowly and surely the final table lost players one by one, with each elimination meaning more money for the rest of the competitors. After an eventful final table we finally had our two heads up players, welshwizard9 and BoBoNe93.

The two players did pause the game for a few minutes to try and come to an agreement over a deal, however, no compromise could be made and the two of them both agreed to just play out the tournament.

As with many heads up encounters this one was fairly short lived, it all ended on a coin flip. BoBoNe93 started out by raising, welshwizard9 three bet that raise and of course BoBoNe93 pushed all in with about $25 million in chips. Welshwizard9 made the call and we had a showdown with BoBoNe93 holding AhQd and welshwizard9 holding a nervous looking 6d6c.

Welshwizard will already have been worried about his hand; this was soon to escalate when the flop showed 5hKd10h. This gave BoBoNe93 a large amount of outs, and when the 9d came on the turn it was looking even worse for welshwizard9. However the river came out a 10d which meant that BoBoNe93 was busted, though he will pretty happy with his second place.

Welshwizard9 took the title to the UK and took a nice earner of $187,77,77.

Here are the final table results for the PokerStars Sunday million!


1 welshwizard $187,177.77

2 BoBoNe93 $138,442.50

3 1jos2 $98,448.00

4 cobramoney $67,683.00

5 Richard Toth $51,685,20

6 Popiedejopie $39,379.20

7 JeanGrae $27,073.20

8 ludvo777 $14,767.20

9 DSRasmussen $9,537.15


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