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Brunson Goes Heads Up With Cancer For The Fourth Time!

Brunson Goes Heads Up With Cancer For The Fourth Time!

One of the greatest living poker legends, Doyle Brunson, has very recently revealed that he again faces a battle with cancer. The poker icon tweeted “It was malignant. 4 times I have heard that in my life. Chilling way to start the day. Squamas cell cancer, nothing to worry about.”

The bright side is that Squamous cell cancer is very treatable and actually contains a very low metastasis rate. It is a skin cancer and is actually amongst the most common forms of skin cancer. Its main cause is prolonged exposure to the sun and shows itself on the backs of the hands, scalp and other areas that see most of the sun.

He didn’t go into detail about where it was found yet did tweet to friends that it has already in fact been removed.

Not The First Time!

This is not Brunson’s first encounter with cancer, with him having a battle just last year when his dermatologist discovered a melanoma on his arm. Brunson has always looked at life’s problems with a sense of humour and was quoted as saying that the scar left after it was removed had meant that Cameron Diaz will certainly not be interested in making in a movie now for sure.

Astonishingly his history with the disease goes back 50 years, when it almost killed him. He had just been married with his wife also pregnant with his first child when he suddenly came down with a sore throat; he also noticed that there was a lump on his neck.

It was initially brushed off as nothing too serious and was put on a course of antibiotics, yet the lump just continued to get bigger. He was scheduled for surgery to remove the lump, yet it was on the operating table where the full horror was discovered.

The surgeons discovered that the tumour was malignant and that it had in fact spread all over his body. It had almost found its way all the way to his brain, leading the doctors to give him no more than 6 months left to live.

He was determined to at least live long enough to witness the birth of his child and hold the baby. He underwent a very risky operation on his neck which was simply for the purpose of buying him more time. Amazingly, after the operation the cancer simply disappeared. Doctors couldn’t put it down to anything else other than a miracle.

It is no wonder that Brunson is so flippant when it comes to cancer, it is one heads up battle that he has come out on top off and he isn’t about to buck that trend.


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