“Bttech86” and “SanIker” Book $400k Plus Wins


All the top five action was on the Full Tilt tables yesterday with the No Limit Hold’em 6-Max and Heads-Up tables running red hot for “Bttech86” and “SanIker”, while the same tables ran ice cold for “punting-peddler” and “Isildur1”.

The NLH games were absolutely huge yesterday, where in three hands of the day the pot went over $300k. The biggest of those was $366,151 involving “MalACEsia” on the 6-max $400/$800 Hold’em games. “MalACEsia” 3-bet the big blind and “Bttech86” 3-bet to $7,200. “MalACEsia” re-raised to $22,000 and just as we thought we knew where this was going “Bttech86” flat calls to see a flop. 5c-6c-7d flopped onto the board. “MalACEsia”, first to act, bets $20,800, and this time all the chips did go in the middle from “Bttech86” with a $160,000 shove to which “MalACEsia” showing strength since pre-flop snap called bringing the pot up to $365,554.

“Bttech86” shows second pair and an open ended straight with 8h-6h, but “MalACEsia” was ahead with Kd-Ks putting “Bttech86” at risk. The board blanks on “Bttech86” on the turn and river with a 10h and 5h helping “MalACEsia” to a tidy pot.

Yesterdays 5 Biggest Online Poker Profits

1st “Bttech86” – $411,155

2nd “SanIker” – $408,428

3rd “HelicopterBen82”- $273,204

4th “samrostan” – $255,246

5th “FinddaGrind” – $169,716

All three of yesterday’s top winners won their cash playing on the Hold’em tables. Also, another 6 figure Hold’em winner was “Denoking” taking $114,014 from the game. “Isildur1” was “SanIker’s” number one victim winning over $400k in the heads-up battles between the two, who were at it again on the $400/$800 table before moving to the $500/$1000 CAP tables.

As for “FinddaGrind”the only game for the day was Omaha Hi/Lo taking a 6 figure profit boosting his 2013 earnings up to $1,847,563. “Samorostan” also had a good day at the FLO8 tables winning $112,850 of his $255,246 here and grabbing another $137,898 of that as he became yesterday’s biggest 2-7 Draw winner just nipping the top spot from Phil “polarizing” Ivey, who incidentally came out with an $89,221 profit to soften up what was a $230,000 beating back over on the Omaha Hi/Lo.

Yesterdays Top 3 Omaha Hi/Lo Profits

1st “Isildur1” – $415,280

2nd “FinddaGrind” – $169,716

3rd “samrostan” – $112,850

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom actually ended the day with just a $23,194 loss after playing a total of 2,549 hands. He finished down $96,204 playing the PLO tables, plus he added a minus $28,355 loss grinding the 2-7 Triple Draw. On top of this, his $313,916 loss playing NLH meant his Omaha Hi/Lo form as of late saved him from another disastrous day. Three days ago Blom won $600k in some blistering Hi/Lo action, then the next day he lost $400k at the same game only to bring in $400k in yesterday’s deeds.

Over to the losers and “punting-peddler” recorded a terrible loss of $461,729 on the NLH games, but he wasn’t alone. More 6-figure deficits came via “Trueteller”, “MalACEsia”, and “CaII_911”. “punting-peddler” also lost heavily on the Omaha Hi/Lo games, $50,322, but again he wasn’t the only victim as “KPR16” was also down after losing stacks of cash joining the a list of Omaha Hi/Lo losers taking a beating from Blom and Antonius that included “SallyWoo” losing $121,014.

Yesterdays 5 Biggest Online Poker Losses

“punting-peddler” (-$512,051)

“KPR16” (-$275,010)

“Trueteller” (-$257,189)

“CaII_911” (-$180,936)

“MalACEsia” (-$152,574)