“Bttech86” Hits $3 Million For The Year

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The race for the top profits of the year regarding the high stakes poker action online is really starting to heat up as Ben “Bttech86” Tollerene saw his yearly profits at the virtual felt eclipse the $3 million mark. He achieved this after taking another $167k against one of his rivals for the top spot in Viktor “Isildur1” Blom.

The session only lasted just under ninety minutes at the CAP Pot Limit Omaha tables as both played against each other at three different tables. However come the end of that session, Tollerene and his yearly profit sat at $3.092m for the year so far.

At the start it was looking ominous for Tollerene as Blom surged into a $80k within just half an hour, but after that it was all one way traffic as Tollerene won each of the biggest pots. This led Blom to leave the table, something he perhaps might not have done in years gone by.

Tollerene added that profit to the $16k he had earlier won at the tables to finish the day with the largest profit online of $173.1k.

Blom did return later on for some action against the second largest winner of the day in “SallyWoo” with hopes of turning around his losses, yet he again went down to a similar loss of $160.5k. This was done at the $2,000/$4,000 Fixed Limit Omaha tables for a fairly long session before Blom again gave up.

He still wasn’t done though as he returned once more a little later to take on the same opponent and though his losses were less than the previous two, he still dropped another $22k to signal the end of a miserable day at the tables.

The other two big winners were “PostFlopAction” and “Denoking” who banked $142.8k and $102.6k respectively. The former won his at the 2-7 Triple Draw tables against “Rui Cao” whilst the latter took his profits from “bbvisbadforme” at the $300/$600 No Limit Holdem tables.

With just a month and a half to go in the year, the players will be looking to either increase their profits in the hope of being the most profitable of the year or trying to climb out of the loss count for the year. It is certainly going to be an interesting end to 2013 at the highest stakes online poker tables.

The Day’s Biggest Profits

Bttech86 – (+$173.1k)

SallyWoo – (+$160.5k)

PostflopAction – (+$142.8k)

Denoking – (+$102.6k)