Building a poker system

building bricks

When you set out to play poker professionally or even semi-professionally then you do not need to be a great poker player to be able to make money playing online. In fact the vast majority of players that make money in online poker are simply mediocre “rakeback grinders” that are simply grinding out a few dollars per hundred hands or a few dollars per hour. So don’t think that your opponents are better than you but give them respect but not too much. The way to play online poker is to respect your opponents but not to fear them.

If you fear your opponents then you will rarely play online poker. Likewise if you show them a lack of respect then the chances are that you will lose money. This is exactly the same with getting used to risk. You should always have respect for placing money at risk because there is always the potential for loss. However if you manage risk then there is really no problem and also if you fear risking money too much then you will never ever get away from first base simply because you will be frozen by inaction.

The biggest problem with many players is that they don’t have confidence in their style of play. A knowledge of systems design can actually guide you in this area because if you can develop an almost “automated” style of poker play then you can really go an awful long way towards making poker highly profitable. Many people shun systems in poker and gambling as being too rigid but that really isn’t the case. The best systems developers in the world constantly adjust their systems as they go along and many systems are what are known as “discretionary”.

This means that there are elements of that persons experience behind the plays that they make rather than the system being totally mechanical. It may seem odd to many players to hear me talk about a “poker system” because you may wonder what a poker system actually looks like. To put this into very simple terms then it is simply a way of playing poker in a certain situation if those criteria are repeated. Some players call this range based thinking and I for one can hardly argue with that. For example let us say that you decide that any time it has been raised by a player in late position and then called by the small blind that you will 3/bet to more than pot with any reasonable hand from the big blind.

If you will do this all the time then your play is actually becoming “systematic” in nature. It is when your play becomes “systematic” and you begin to learn your own system that you can then move on to play more and more tables and thus increase your earn rate. So devising and then using a poker system can be a massive step forward for many online poker players but the hard part is finding the right system which unfortunately takes a lot of experience.

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