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In a recent two part blog post at Full Tilt Poker the similarity between the skills and principles that both a successful poker player and somebody who was successful in business would have is explained.

Part one concentrates on the decision making in both poker and business and how the skills learned in poker could be a huge advantage in the business world.

It is believed that anyone that has played poker for a good amount of time will indirectly pick some fundamental skills that would ensure they had an advantage over any competition should they venture into business.

“Great situational analysis, an eye for detail, and the drive to succeed; these are not only the key skills and principles that all poker players strive to develop or attain, but are also the traits used to describe those who are successful in business.

Whether you are aware of it or not, playing poker will drastically improve attributes that, when transferred to a business situation, will give you an immediate advantage over the competition”.

It is claimed that the decision making in poker can increase a persons adeptness at strategic thinking as well as improving their emotional intelligence, two factors that will lead to better decision making in business.

Things are taken even further in Part 2 of the post, talking about how bankroll management also directly relates to educated risks taken in business.

“In poker, bankroll management is an important aspect that can sometimes be inadvertently overlooked. By budgeting correctly and playing within your limits you will be able to avoid embarrassment.

If you play too high too early, or go all in after only a few hands, you run the risk of going bust from a short spell of bad luck even if you are playing well. A good rule of thumb is to make sure you always have at least 20 buy-ins when you enter a game.”

All in all both parts are a great read and although we have shared some of the content with you here, you really ought to head over to Full Tilt Poker and take a look for yourself.


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