Cambridge Defeats Oxford in Full Tilt Oxford Cup

Opposing heads

The latest round of competition in the rivalry that dates back centuries has added a new battlefield, the poker table.

In a Varsity Match, sponsored by Full Tilt Poker, consisting of three rounds of poker tournament featuring different formats, the visiting Cambridge Team has thoroughly routed the Oxford Team. Each team consists of seven players, whose poker experience ranges from 2 years to a maximum of 7 years.

Round One consisted of a unique double elimination heads-up poker tournament.  When play concluded Cambridge emerged the victor with 20 points versus Oxford’s 16.

Round Two was a Freeze Out tournament. The star player in the tournament was Cambridge team captain Mark Hammond, whose area of study is history and who has three years of poker experience. Hammond led his team to victory by routinely sending the Oxford players to the rail. Eventually the only players remaining in the tournament were those from the Cambridge team.  Only the elimination of the bounty player remained before Cambridge could celebrate a total victory in Round Two. The bounty player was a Full Tilt Poker representative who was playing under the Cambridge colours and he too fell victim to the Cambridge team’s prowess at the poker table.

Round Three in the poker portion of the 12th Oxford Cup is an open poker tournament.  The buy-in for the No Limit Hold’em tournament is £30.  More than two hundred players registered for the Round Three event.