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Camden Tank Party 2016 | Beach London
'The Little Camden Print Shop'
Gaurab's mural in that warm Autumn sun...
Gaurab getting busy!
Gaurab and assitant hard at work...
The Tank Party poster, by Jay Cover...

Camden Tank Party 2016

Camden’s annual Tank Party is THE event in the annual craft beer calender. At their about-to-be-redeveloped Kentish Town Brewery space, the invite the public down to drink fresh Camden Hells and Pale Ale straight from the tank. Fresh beer is even more delicious.

We were stoked to be invited down where we helped out the ‘Little Camden Print Shop’ in printing tees ‘n’ totes – featuring Jay Cover’s lovely graphic for the 2016 Tank Party – and we worked on a HUGE mural with one of our favourite artists, Gaurab Thakali, featuring loads of people having fun at a (Typically for Gaurab) jazz-inspired tank party.

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