Canadian player wins weird $100k on PokerStars

money in the air

Poker players know all too well that winning a tournament is an achievement that requires excellent poker skills, patience and some luck. Even though the role played by fortune shouldn’t be underestimated, it is widely accepted the fact that chance plays only a marginal role. This applies to regular tournaments regardless of stakes, but there are some events played in a format that renders both skill and patience useless while emphasising the importance of chance.

A Canadian player who lives in Toronto and uses the screen name magnum123524 seconds this as he recently won a PokerStars VIP tournament. For his achievement he took home $100,000 and it is only fair to say that luck alone made it possible for him to outshine a field of 56,656 players. The reason for why skill was unnecessary in this tournament is that it has a unique structure that consists of a string of all-ins.

Popularly referred to as flipaments, these events are played by different rules, with players being automatically put all-in hand after hand. Only four players sit down at the table and once their whole cards are dealt, all the chips go into the middle and the dealer reveals the flop, turn and river without the possibility of players acting in any way. That’s how it was possible for the entire tournament to conclude in no more than eight rounds and the winner required exactly 10 hands to claim the $100,000 prize.

Anyone who earned at least SilverStar status on PokerStars was eligible for playing in the PokerStars VIP tournament and luckily for magnum123524, he was one of them. The price structure of the tournament is just as interesting as 16,000 players got paid although the discrepancy between the amounts they collected was significant. Certainly the sharpest difference was between the first four players and the next four, with the first group receiving $25,000 while the one finishing in the fifth place had to settle for $100.

As for the 49 year old Canadian player who is about to get married and has two kids, winning the jackpot came at the best possible time. He plans on purchasing a new truck and pay off any outstanding debts while enjoying a head start in his new life. A baby is also on the way for the lucky winner, who had to wait for the next day to purchase a bottle of wine and celebrate, but this is a small price to pay for a big-time winner. PokerStars players should know that there are four more VIP giveaway tournaments scheduled for September.