Canadians win big scores in PokerStars Sunday Events

Canada map and flag

This Sunday has been special for Canadian players who have an account with PokerStars and bought-in for the weekly events. Four of them made the final table in the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up tournament, winning a significant chunk of the $725,600 prize pool. A total of 3,628 players participated and as always, only 540 finished in the money, including several PokerStars Pros.

Team PokerStars Pro Jose Ignacio “nachobarbero” Barbero finished in the fourth place and won more than $40,000 for his achievement. He was quick to let his fans know about his performance on Twitter:


“Jabracada” from the United Kingdom started the final table with a deep stack but he was eliminated before the Team PokerStars Pro and his countrymen “flopkin51” was sent to the rail soon after. Carster and GAWA9 from Canada were left to play the heads-up and after discussing the terms they agreed to make a deal that guaranteed $94,000 to the runner-up while leaving $10,000 in play. One minutes later, Carster went all-in and was promptly called by his opponent, who found it impossible to catch up and had to settle for the second-place.

This is how the final table looked like at the end of the tournament:

  1. Carster – $104,300
  2. GAWA9 – $94,515
  3. flopkin51 – $59,862
  4. Jose Ignacio “nachobarbero” Barbero – $41,722
  5. Jabracada – $30,838
  6. 555yull555 – $23,582
  7. baconbits33 – $16,326
  8. dave798111 – $9,070
  9.  hustla16 – $5,804

The PokerStars Sunday Million was on the verge of having 8,000 players this weekend, but in the end only 7,919 players participated. Even so, the prize pool soared to $1,583,800 and 1,170 players received a slice of the cake with Greece’s geramas.G winning the first prize and $210k.

None of the players who brought the three largest stacks to the final table made the heads-up, but “blackaces93” from Poland won $170,000 despite finishing third. When three handed play began, he had enough chips in front of him to enjoy favorable terms and that’s why he won more than the runner-up.

“SvenskTruita” had the honor of playing the heads-up with “geramas.G”, but with five times fewer chips than his opponent, he stood no chance and had to go all-in with an average hand. The PokerStars Sunday Million eventually came to an end, with these players finishing on the top nine positions:

  1. geramas.G – $210,000
  2. SvenskTruita – $150,413
  3. blackaces93 – $170.164
  4. alextoon1 – $79,823
  5. M_ad_04M_ax – $63.352
  6. DafDaf1986 – $47.514
  7. aces_up4108 – $31,676
  8. sandal1968 – $18,213
  9. d-mon-d – $12,274