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Cantu Wins His Grudge Match Against Aguiar

Cantu Wins His Grudge Match Against Aguiar

Phil Hellmuth is widely regarded as not only being one of the best poker players in history, but also one of the biggest cry babies. He doesn’t like to lose and will generally accuse his opponent of getting lucky whilst playing badly.

However, there seems to be another player who is right there at the top when it comes to throwing fits when losing, Brandon Cantu.

During the WSOP in September, Cantu and Jonathan Aguiar were both playing heads up after navigating themselves past the rest of the field in a WSOP bracelet event. The session was an intriguing one and it went on for hours and hours and…hours. So long in fact that the casino had to call time on the event at 5am as they had to close and obviously prepare for the Main Event starting the next day.

This decision riled up Cantu who had literally begged the staff not to close, he was unsuccessful and the match up was postponed. Another main reason for the staff wanting to close was that in fact both of the players were actually due to play in the Main Event themselves so felt they should take a break.

They were both eliminated fairly quickly from the Main Event and the postponed match was played out two days after the first session. Aguiar went on to win a tight contest when he held Ac-Kc against the pocket twos of Cantu in the final hand and won. Aguiar took the bracelet and the first place payout.

Cantu’s Rant!

Cantu went on to complain through every media outlet he could to say that he had been robbed, that the event should have been played until the end of that same day. He stated that Aguiar was tired and for the taking and that the break allowed him to rest up as well as study up with his friends.

After a series of rants by Cantu on Twitter, Aguiar finally gave up and agreed to a rematch for the difference in money that Aguiar won when up against Cantu in the event.

It was held in Las Vegas at the Aria Casino with both players staking $130k, the contest drew quite a crowd of players to watch how it unfolded, with many just hoping to see some kind of fight. That didn’t happen though and it was actually played out fairly professionally apart from one instance where Cantu didn’t like the fact that Aguiar was wearing headphones. He wasn’t going to play unless Aguiar removed at least one earphone at all times…slightly odd.

He eventually won the match up when he had pocket sixes against Aguiar’s pocket fives, and was immediately tweeting about how much better he feels.


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