Carnival of Tournaments reaches climax on Sunday

carnival of tournaments

Earlier this month, PokerStars announced its intention of celebrating an important milestone by launching a massive event known as the Carnival of Tournaments. Twelve years after the first hand was dealt on PokerStars, the poker company will be running the 800 millionth tournament. To properly mark the occasion, they run a series of tournaments from October 13th to October 20th and Sunday’s event is the highlight of the week.

Not surprising, this tournament will be number 8 million and it has a guaranteed prize pool of $1 million, an amount that is likely to be exceeded. This is something that happens often with tournaments hosted by PokerStars, because guaranteed prize pools provide players with the impetus to participate in higher numbers. The winner won’t leave home with less than $100,000 and an equal amount will be offered in the form of giveaways in the first two hours.

Overall, a total of $700,000 was added in giveaways throughout the Carnival of Tournaments, with the main event being the icing on the cake. Poker players who intend to participate are urged to claim their seats as early as possible, so they won’t miss out on the $100,000 freebies. The buy-in for the main event is $109 and it is scheduled for Sunday 13:00 ET, with $100,000 to be distributed among the lucky players every 10 mins, during the first two hours.

As with PokerStars tournaments, players can qualify for the Carnival of Tournaments main event by winning satellites. The buy-in for these qualifiers start at one dollar and players can rebuy for the same amount, with the winners to receive an additional $700 PCA ticket besides the coveted seat at the main event. Time is quickly running out, but qualifiers still run live at PokerStars and every hour a lucky player secures a seat for tournament number 800 million.

Players from five different tables will be bestowed with prizes that include Red Spade Open tickets, 215 Sunday Million tickets, PokerStars Citizen watches, branded sunglasses, pens, headphones and chipsets. Starting at 13:10 and concluding at 15:00 sharp, freebies will be distributed every 10 minutes, so check out the schedule and the complete list of prizes:

13:10 – $55 Red Spade Open ticket

13:20 – $215 cash prize plus your buy-in

13:30 – PokerStars Citizen watch

13:40 – $215 Sunday Million ticket

13:50 – $55 Red Spade Open ticket

14:00 – PokerStars PC 360 headphones

14:10 – $109 Sunday Kickoff ticket

14:20 – Ten $11 Sunday Storm tickets

14:30 – PokerStars chip set

14:40 – $55 Red Spade Open ticket

14:50 – Porsche Design Sunglasses & Pen

15:00 – $700 PCA satellite ticket