Chad Brown talks about his battle with cancer

Symbol of Cancer

Poker players rarely give up when at the tables and those who participate in tournaments know that stamina and perseverance are just as important as skill. Chad Brown is an accomplished Team PokerStars Pro whose recent results at the poker tables have been affected by his ongoing battle with cancer. He was diagnosed with a rare form that required five surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, but despite losing weight and being less energetic than in the past, Chad didn’t succumb to depression.

He keeps playing poker and that’s how fellow players got to see the effects of his declining condition, which prompted Chad to update them on his health. His last surgery was a success but the doctors at the Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, where he is recovering told him that he will have to continue with chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The tumor is shrinking and even though this is not a permanent solution, it should buy him time for new drugs to be made available.

Chad hasn’t lost hope and whilst waiting for better medicine and more effective treatment, he tries to keep an active and balanced life. This includes poker, but the challenge is to find events that are within reach, now that long term plans are difficult to make. The game is still his biggest passion and whenever he feels fit to play he buys in and last month he finished second in a tournament at Borgata Winter Open. Apparently, his illness didn’t affect his ability to play poker and he is every bit as competitive as he was back in the day.

Brown finds many similarities between poker and the battle with cancer, as you need to make all the right choices and hope that things will work out. You can’t afford to let downswings and bad beats get you down and the only thing one can do is to keep going and wait for better days. Chad accepts the possibility of things going sour, but he doesn’t worry too much and finds solace in the fact that he did everything by the book.

Chad is now recovering from his most recent surgery and plans to continue treatment, while enjoying every single day. He plays online on on virtual currency at nosebleed limits, to stay in shape so that he won’t be an underdog when playing for real money.