Charity Event Uses CGI-Technology for Nadal

Rafael Nadal

The up and coming European Poker Tour in Prague is preparing itself for the influx of sports stars waiting to get their piece of the poker pie in a €100,000 tournament that is being held in aid of charity at Prague’s lavish Hilton hotel.

Earlier in the week we reported that the PokerStars Team SportsStar Rafael Nadal will play in the EPT Prague in what will be his debut on poker’s live tournament scene. We still haven’t confirmed if Rafa will take part in any of the other EPT tournaments being held in the event, but it seems even their prestigious high roller and main event titles are being overshadowed by the ridiculous set-up that has enveloped the showcase table for the charity tournament since names of the likes of Nadal, Ronaldo and Shevchenko have been ringing around the poker grapevine.

News has been coming from the EPT backstage that PokerStars have a set-up of eighty digital cameras with CGI technology, all of which are of similar quality to those found on the scenes of a multi-million dollar Hollywood movie. The word being ‘Freeze Technology’ in this case!

Freeze technology gives the producers the ability to capture and put into slow motion all the action at the table by combining the frames shot by each camera. All this is in aid of an up and coming documentary planned for release by PokerStars presumably sometime in 2014. The material, which will be made up of snaps taken at a pace of 100-milliseconds per interval, which is to be an addition to further previously shot material focusing on the tennis superstar.

In the charity action we can expect to see Daniel Negreanu, Alberto Tomba, Brazilian football icon Ronaldo, Fatima Moreira de Melo, Alberto Tomba and Rafa himself lapping up the attention as the cameras focus specifically on the tennis pro.

For Negreanu and his reading abilities, this should be a piece of cake, but with the unpredictable plays amateurs are so well known for, it could be a tough call to take this one down. However, he does have some experience in this arena as he regularly appeared in PokerStars’ The Big Game where we saw the amateurs, known as Loose Cannons, come to the tables and test their wits versus the big guns. Negreanu always appeared comfortable against the Loose Cannons.

Regardless of Negreanu’s performance, he is his usual and confident self already after bringing out the wise cracks on Twitter before the tournament has even hit the felts.


The tournament begins later today, so keep your eyes peeled for the results, and for a low down on the action. With Negreanu loitering in the bunch, there is sure to be some entertaining banter. With all those sports egos surrounding Kid Poker and his latest tweet showing he is true to form, he surely can’t resist a few wise cracks to liven up this table.